iCloud sync is not working

  1. Activate iCloud sync
    1. For Mac, go to Momentum > Preferences, and check the box “iCloud Sync”
    2. For iOS, go to Momentum > More > Settings, and then turn on “iCloud Sync”
  2. Activate iCloud Drive on Mac
    1. Apple > System Preferences > iCloud
    2. Check the box next to iCloud Drive, if necessary
    3. Click “Options…” next to iCloud Drive, and make sure Momentum has a check next to it
  3. Activate iCloud Drive on iOS
    1. Settings > iCloud
    2. Turn ‘on’ iCloud Drive, if it’s not on
    3. Press iCloud Drive, and make sure Momentum is checked as on
  4. Restart your devices
    1. The habits, their names, and completions should now show almost immediately, across devices that are both connected to the Internet.